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The State Journal-Register, Letter to the Editor: Vote for candidates who’ll protect retirements

In a few weeks, we will vote for the individuals who will represent us in Congress. One of the most important issues that face many of us is retirement security.

The multiemployer pension system benefits over 11 million Americans and puts more than $38 billion into our economy. These retirees use their benefits to buy goods and services, which pumps money back into our local economies and helps create local jobs.

These benefits are at risk, and Congress needs to act before the end of the year. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation cannot sustain the failure of these plans.

Approximately 10 percent of the multiemployer plans are in danger of running out of money. Both employers and workers have taken steps to improve funding levels and have introduced legislation, Solutions Not Bailouts, that will preserve benefits and take the burden off the PBGC. I urge each and every participant to call their Congressperson and ask them to support “Solutions Not Bailouts.”

Candidates this fall will be asking for your vote. Please make them accountable. This is no-brainer legislation that takes the pressure off the taxpayer.

John Haines


Posted 14:42PM on October 06 2014 by Jessica
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