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Chairman John Kline Calls for Multiemployer Pension Reform

In a video for the NCCMP 2014 Annual Conference, Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce John Kline praises the Solutions Not Bailouts reform proposal, hailing the roadmap’s ‘key principles’ that “must” be part of any effort to reform the multiemployer pension system.

In the video, Chairman Kline discusses why the multiemployer pension system’s current path is unsustainable, calling it a “ticking time bomb” and warning against inaction. If we do nothing, benefits will be cut, businesses will be forced to close and lay off workers and retirement security will be put at risk. Here’s more on why we can’t wait. The Solutions Not Bailouts proposal helps modernize the multiemployer pension system, removes barriers for new employers to joining the system, adding strength, it gives trustees much-needed tools to prevent insolvency and it protects taxpayers. 

Posted 12:38PM on September 24 2014 by Jessica
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